Show them what u got

Always wanted to be a DJ. Seems great to have the tools in hands to make people shake their booty. The moves of the crowd depend on your crap or super sweet taste of music. What a mighty experience must that be. Especially Dutch men seems to be font of this idea. Research by PepsiCo Holland, shows that 28% of them, dreams about this superb job. The main motivation of this dream is the possibility to practice a passion for living. The opportunity to travel is another aspect what seems to make this profession very attractive. The actual implementation of the dj dream, seems to be pretty unique.  Only 1 of 5 of the Dutch dudes, ever stood behind the dj tables. Among ladies it is only 10%.
For all those dreamers, the ones who crave for a job as dj, Pepsi now offers you the chance to practice some skills. Pepsi launched a contest for the disk jockeys of Holland. The Remix Machine on the Pepsi Facebook page is made to step in the shoes of electronic producer wonder Calvin Harris. This Scottish dj accompanied many big names such as Rihanna and Ne Yo. His newest hit is “Let’s Go” is played a million times and has somehow cross the lines of amusement.
The Remix Machine is the chance for all the hidden talents to show the world what they got. Pop some dubstep sounds, drums, cheesy vocals or some guitar melodies and pimp that song up.
All these remixes will be criticised by the ears of experts. The best remix will be rewarded with a trip to Ibiza. So, gifted ladies and gentlemen of Holland, make us proud and show Pepsi what you got!


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