Naughty beasts (1)

The German Susann Poenisch started the creation of this painted beauty only 7 years ago. Nowadays she has got her own very unique style which could be defined as expressive and abstract. Like she says herself: “It just isn‘t a direct copy of the world, but still the world like I see it.”
Lots of work and the aim to be comfortable with anything she does, made her develop her current style. Being content with what you have and what you have achieved is a very essential mindset for Susann. Such a mindset is what makes one a role model for Susann.
Beasts are a recurring theme in Susanns paintings. Rough swines and bisons with waggish expressions are posing on the canvas, strolling around in their own colorful dreamworld. 


The online stage of Pepse Remix Machine (0)

Not only is Holland famous for windmills, lush cheese and wooden shoes. Holland is the homecountry for big names in the dance music scene. The sound of Tiesto, Armin and others are celebrated all over the world. The talent of the Dutch DJ's is again proved with the contest set up by Pepsi Nederland. With the Pepsi Remix Machine, which was mentioned in a previous post, Pepsi Nederland offers the opportunity to show mixing talents. A track by Calvin Harris is provided to be pimped by any individual with any DJ ambition. (take your chance!)
For the non musical gifted, there is now the chance to participate! Part of the contest is getting as much votes as possible of the crowd. The Pepsi Remix Machine is like an online stage.. By voting you might even win a iPod Touch 32GB or a Dance Music Workshop!

Vintage masterpiece by James Film Experience (0)

The Cannes crowd was the first to enjoy it, now it could be your turn. The movie Moonrise Kingdom will have the premiere show in Holland pretty soon. This vintage masterpiece by Wenson Anderson, is picked by the Jameson Film Experience to be the shown at the next edition of this spectacle.
It is a 60’ies story about two teenage lovebirds, stuck on a overly strict summer camp. Hand-in-hand they flee away, which is of course a major concern for the home front. The whole island is in commotion.
This adventure will be shown on the big screen of the idyllic Bos theatre in Amsterdam. Located in the middle of the woods, this seems a perfectly selected location. That is the X factor of the Jameson Film Experience. This will be the fifth edition of the legendary event. All the previous Jameson Film Experiences were such a success partly due to the location.
Although this will be the Dutch premiere of Moonrise Kingdom, stardom is not required. A simple subscription on the Facebook page of Jameson Film Experience Nederland is enough to be part of this promising event!