First of all; i very much appreciate your interest. J

Nice to "meet" you! 
My name is Gerda van den Dool. I am born in the year 1988. My hometown is Utrecht. A lovely city in Holland but there is such much more in the world. That is why I currently live in Berlin and travel as much as possible.

"Getting lost will help you find yourself."

Anywhere on the planet I spend my time by capturing the things that make daily life so good, by putting it in words or pictures.

These trips showed me that many people are not able to enjoy life. Because of political, economic, social or health issues. 

These trips also showed the beautiful things of life. 
Dude, this planet is pretty cool! Art, give me more! Music, turn it on. Food, nature, landscapes, can't get enough.

Call me a hippy! I strive for a world where every human being has the chance to enjoy life and it's phenomena’s as much as possible.

An overdose of thanks for your time, attention and support. Also, I really appreciate criticism. Please contact me for any comments, feedback or ideas. 
E: gerdavandendool at