The story behind

About the glitters of humankind, to make the earth a shiny planet.
Although the earth seems to be a mess sometimes, there is a lot of potential to be a great place! 
This can be a shiny place by empowering the glitter of humankind.
Everybody has potention to shine
If everybody contributes some glitters, we could compensate the garbage in the world. These glitters consists of music, arts, places, documentaries or other forms of beauty.

Well so, this creative blog represents the "stars" that makes this planet such a pretty cool place! 

Every week there will be a country put in the spotlights. Either western or eastern, rich or poor, tropical or rainy.

The mission:
- Offering a source of inspiration for anyone, by showing the work of others;
- Stimulating action. Everybody can contribute to a shiny planet;
- Give anyone a chance to shine by sharing their work with the world;
- Creating awareness for the mess in the world and the people who are in it;
- Showing the good things of life & enjoy it;
- Giving credits to the Creator of all the glitters!