Three dudes that portrait a bright Africa.

"There is always two sides of every story. The negative side which is shown everyday on newspapers and TV. And there is the positive side that only appears in our family photo albums. We are portraying South Africa the way we see it "Beautiful".
I See A Different You is a photography project by Justice, Innocent and Vinyo, 3 dudes from South Africa. As the name says, they want to show the world the different side of their continent. With these snapshots, they present Africa in a total unexpected, bright and extraordinary way. A total different piece of cake than the usual Africa-images shown by Western development organizations and other fundraisers.
Justice, Innocent and Vinyo met at their local church in Soweto, SA, 16 years ago. There moms are like friends. Once upon a time, Innocent went to Kenya. He updated the homefront by sending some extreme beautiful footage of this trip. "Since we all have never been in Kenya, we were flabbergasted of how beautiful Kenya was. From that moment we decided to make it our mission to show Africa as we see it." Well, mission fulfilled dudes! These pictures definitely show a different side, the glitters of Africa.


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