The ultimate handsomeness in all the colors of the rainbow

The number 0,618, the golden number for beauty and the fascination for Frank E Hollywood. At his studio in Amsterdam, this Dutch artist puts the ultimate handsomeness on paper. "Painting is my way of expressing in pictures and colors my love for women. Women have something magical, pure and fragile, whereas they can be very powerful at the same time. For me, a woman’s face is the most important part of her body."  These painted faces are based on the golden ratio, the ratio between symmetry and harmony. Frank translates this mathematical theory into something elusive: bright colored creations. Therefor he uses different media. Where he gets those random materials from? "Well, fleamarkets, second hand shops, bookshops, anything."  

The beauty of landscapes is another theme captured on the paintings of Frank E Hollywood. The amsterdam artist is a real city person. "Metropolises such as London and Istanbul are always moving and live as a organism. Wonderful!" 
Frank is a color master. Blue and pink are a few of his most favorite colors. "Not that they are the most beautiful. They are just extra fine. Pink for example is a lucky color in Japan. The color of spring, of prosperity." His mission to color the world with his paitings is definitely fulfilled. 


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