STAR Q&A: Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Homemade music by mellow one-guy-band with a guitar, drums, percussion, vocals, saxophone, clarinet, cello, euphonium and more. 

Sheep, Dog & Wolf: Daniel MC Bride, Hometown: Auckland (New Zealand)

QWho/what has been your motivation to “shine”?
"If I'm not making music, it doesn't feel right. If I'm not engaging in it in some way, I get restless and maybe even a little depressed. So really the reason I create the music I do is to keep sane!"

Q:Which particular mess on this planet would you like to get rid of?
Greed. Just greed in general. I really think that if greed were eliminated - and I know that this is never going to happen - most of the humanitarian problems in the world would solve themselves. Money would be shared around according to need, rather than want, and the general standard of living would skyrocket "

Q: What is the best place on earth?
A: "I'll say that wherever I am, as long as I have friends, music and some means of making it, I think I'll be happy. Sounds cliched, I know, but as Hugh Masekela once said "Home is where the music is.""

Q: What makes you happy?My faith, my family and beloved ones. 
A: "Lots of things! Friends, family, music, really good food, dancing, sleep. Seriously though, sleep is awesome."

Q: If you had a megaphone with a world-wide reach, what would be
the message?
A: "I'd probably stutter for a while, trying to think of something. Then people would realize I'm just as confused as they are and probably wouldn't listen. And then I'd probably just say something lame, like "Guyyyys, can't we all just get along?"

Download his EP here @ Bandcamp 
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