STAR Q&A: Rue Royale

A musical love-couple with the perfect sweet sound for cold days like these.
Rue Royale, Hometown: Nottingham (UK)
#COMETOSEE  tomorrow 8 December '11 @ Patronaat, Haarlem (NL)!
A golden gig with Black Atlantic AND Kim Janssen!

09 We'll Go on Alright by Rue Royale

Q: Welcome in Holland!
Who/what has been your motivation to “shine”?

A: We both grew up in artistic and musical families. It's what we know. We are busy busy busy bumble bees doing what we do fot a potentially selfish reason actually: WE JUST LOVE IT!"


pic by Stukafest
Q:Which particular mess on this planet would you like to get rid of?
"Thoughtless use of resources and treatment of others.

making a gif 
Q: What is the best place on earth?
A: "Home!"

Q: What makes you happy? 
A: "Good food & good wine."

Q: If you had a megaphone with a world-wide reach, what would be
the message?
A: "Treat others as your would want to be treated!"

Printscreen of AmsterdamAcoustic video


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