STAR Q&A: Athina Kazolea

Impressive images of a far-far-away reality in Ethiopia 
Athina Kazolea, Born @ 25 January 1958, Hometown: Athene, (GR)
10/2011 – 03/2012 @ SOME/THINS Gallery, Paris (FR)
01/2012 @ Museum of Photography, The Middle East project.Thessaloniki (GR) 

Q: Who/what has been your motivation to “shine”?
A: "
A great self-interest excitement in discovering worldwide cultures and initiating into their particular aspects." 

Q:Which particular mess on this planet would you like to get rid of?
A: "
Fanatism. Fear and terror imposed on people based on their dissimilarities with others."

Q: What is the best place on earth?
A: "The one rendering safety and certainty in peaceful social survival."

Q: What makes you happy?My faith, my family and beloved ones. 
A: "Little ordinary simplicities, a sunset' s gaze holding hand with my lover, music, sincere everyday food,making the other happy." "

Q: If you had a megaphone with a world-wide reach, what would be
the message?
A: "Liberté, égalité, sexualité!" 

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