Glorious unpredictable dreamy electropop by an "unpredictable flicker"

Radio Wire Empire: Matthew D. R., Born @ may 1991, Hometown: Detroit, Michigan 
Q: Who/what has been your motivation to “shine”?
A: "Pain. Love. Not wanting to be a slave to expectations.. 
I'm not sure I'm consistent enough to 'shine', I'm more of an unpredictable flicker."

Q:Which particular mess on this planet would you like to get rid of?
A: "
Stupidity and complacency."

Q: What is the best place on earth?
A: "A warm bed with the person you love."

Q: What makes you happy?My faith, my family and beloved ones. 
A: "Courtesy. Not having to speak. Intelligent conversation. Biscuits & gravy. Coitus. A rhythm section that can hold it down (I'm looking at you Bonzo & JPJ). Friends & whiskey. Hot, sticky, humid weather. Mellotron. Silence. My girl. Bright clothes. No clothes."

Q: If you had a megaphone with a world-wide reach, what would be
the message?
A: "everybody, please shut up!"

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