LIVE GLITTER: Heavy Merry Finland

The creative product of growing up in a Finnish village anno 80/90ies. 
Heavy Merry Finland @ Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL) - until 4/12/11

These seven artists have one thing in common, a childhood in a Finish village. That does speak to the imagination. Imagine dark streets, lots of trees and sweet tiny houses with candles behind the heavy curtains. There is a little boy, drinking hot chocolat. Flashes of a TV light the room. A muscular Sylvester Stylone seems to steel the show.

The artists behind 'Heavy Merry Finland' all translated their cultural roots of growing up in small Finnish towns in the 80's and 90's.  Their mysterious nostalgic art is shown to public at Art gallery Roodkapje at Rotterdam (NL).

Besides these Finnish glitters, there is the Architecture for One Euro project. For only 1 euro, a pro architecture will use his wisdom about design. NO project is too small. There mission is too make architecture accessible for anyone.

So run, leave the stuff u are working on, and jump on the train to Rotterdam to get a glimpse of Finnish art.  The exhibition is only till tomorrow. Don't forget 1 euro for a golden advice about how to pimp your house.

Sanna Jarvela Inspired by the sound of oldschool Finnish hits of her childhood, Sanna made these illustrations. 

Annika Kivi Blurring the line between photography and illustration, Annika's images create a dreamlike atmosphere. 

Maria Heinonen These are selfmade souvenirs of Maria's life. 

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