An upbeat indie sound with an African twist that provokes happiness and dancing feet.
Fools Gold, Hometown: LA
Fool's Gold - Wild Window

Le Guess Who, the source of epic sounds. Last weekend, Utrecht was blessed with this sweet festival that brought the creme de la creme of the international indie scene to Holland. Such as the American Fool's Gold, they played in Tivoli on saturday night. This band lead by Luke Top produces very danceable rhythms. With guitarist Lewis Pesacov on his left and the multitasking Brad Caulkins on his right, he did magic. Percussionist Salvador Placencia increased the African effect. Drummer Garrett Ray took care of the upbeat character. The overdose of positive energy absolutely provokes happiness and dancing feet. 
Fool's Gold, on behalf of Utrecht, see you later?  

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To experience the Fool's Gold vibe yourself, check Glitter Agenda

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