Suggestions for earlybird christmas shoppers

The first Christmas shoppers are spotted in town. You kinda recognise  those shoppers on Christmas purpose. Mom and daughter - and auntie - arm-in-arm on a hunt. Armed with a bunch of those big paper bags from a warehouse.  Dad is walking behind them with the heavy boxes from the electronica store. He carries the men presents.

A research of the British Centre for Retail Research shows that an average household  spends freaking 600 whole euro’s on this “happiest time of the year”. The champion Christmas shoppers in Europe are the English. An average bank account in the UK is 748 euro lighter after Christmas time. The second spot on the list is for the Swedish. And just as the Dutch coolness fits – they spent “only” a frugal 448 euro. Four hundred-forty-eight euro. The consumer society in all its glory. 

Dear December, when the city centres are transformed in a Christmas paradise. The shelves are full with bling bling – which actually does fit the shiny planet concept perfectly. And – obviously - the presence of this nostalgic stuff seems not available for discussion. Keep the tradition alive. 
BUT here is a suggestion for a shining Christmas time without spending those hundreds of euro’s. Here it comes, hold on your chair: visit a second hand shop. The nostalgic-topia! Boycott the warehouse. The second hand store is the real valhalla for interesting Christmas  presents. Oldschool tableware for sweet sis, phenomenal artbooks for grandpa, retro Barbie for the baby cousin. And an average secondhand store has got a Christmas department. Pimp your Christmas tree for only a few coins!

(see pics for a recent catch at the second hand store @ utrecht (NL)
Post @ comments your must-go second hand store - anywhere on this planet.
TIP: This is a cool one @ Utrecht Kanaleneiland: De Zolder / opening 1 December
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