STAR Q&A: Julien Mier

Imagine yourself happily swimming around in a gloomy underwater world, his eclectic compositions might be the background music.
Producer & composer Julien Mier, Born @ 21-01-1989, Hometown: Hilversum (NL)
If You Are by Julien Mier
Q: Who/what has been your motivation to “shine”?
My motivation is the hidden little things in life.
When I was a little boy I've played a lot in the house of my great auntie in France. One day I found a little hidden room in her immense house. There was a small piano in this room with a metronome on top of it. I secretly took the metronome with me in our luggage. After playing a lot with the ticking and tacking sound I found out that the piece of wood in front of the mechanism was loose and I found a tiny little matchbox inside, probably in there for about 50 years with a note inside.
It was one of those treasures in life that coincidently comes into your life. It made me realize that the subtlety of it is something very rich and positive. This is a mark of my music, to put it down in a lot of detail."

Q:Which particular mess on this planet would you like to get rid of?
The biggest is that garbage dump floating around in the north of our planet three times the size of Texas. However, that's only concrete mess I have to say.
Morality, respect and freedom of speech are nowadays far from being perfect. Illusions by politics of rights is something that needs to be more transparent instead of being dirty and misleading."

Q. What is the best place on earth?
A: "The places that are hardly untouched by humanity. If I could, I would be 24/7 about ten miles under sea level to swim around the gloomy, magical creatures of the ocean. I prefer water above air because everything is more dense and for some reason you feel connected between creature and creature.
However I have a strange attraction to dirty and filthy cities like Bangkok because they make people realize that happiness and serenity can be found at places where we don't look. Often caused by a chain of coincidence."

Q. What makes you happy?My faith, my family and beloved ones. 
"When I'm pushed in another state of mind. Which I often search in creating music. When I'm there it's almost like losing space and time in a hole of my pockets. I find happiness in subtle things. Little random events.
As it happens all the time, I'm quite a happy man, I guess".
V. If you had a megaphone with a worldwide reach, what would be your message?
"Do what you do best and stop trying to be the person you can't be."

Julien plays at DB's tomorrow nite (24/11/11) at the special edition of "Hollandse Nieuwe" presented by 3voor12 and Le Guess Who.
For gigs check: Glitter Agenda 
Check out his Soundcloud / MySpace

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