LIVE GLITTER AND Q&A: Cosmo V @ Proeflokaal Utrecht

This babe - plus guitarists - produces bed-room-pop. 
Oh by the way, this is her second gig ever. 
Cosmo V, an interesting lady from Utrecht, with an interesting voice. She - and her two companions on bass guitar produces a mysterious electronic sound. Her moves, the performance and of the wicked visuals in the background, reminds a bit of M.I.A. The oldschool France music scene of the sixties seems to be a source of inspiration for Cosmo V. At the end, she labels her style as "Bedroompop". Well, give it a name, this sound is epic anyways! 

This was only her 2nd gig, EVER! Well, definitely so so much more to come. Cosmo V  was one of those who used to make music kinda secret.  For years she produced her own songs by her own computer in her own room. 
One day to another she started considering a serious concept. Put some stuff online and voila; requests for gigs came out of the blue! And even before these gigs; there was the EP.  These four briliant melancholic homemade songs by Cosmo V are "downloadeble" at

This show at Proeflokaal Utrecht - organised by Gaudeamus Muziekweek  - was kind of a trial for her gig at Le Guess Who festival. She will play at "Hollandsche Nieuwe" at DB's Utrecht (NL)., 24 november 2011. Come to see!
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// Heeeey! First of all, how did you find my blog? :D :D

Anyway! to answer your question; yes, it's homemade! It's only sour milk mixed with blueberries :D Nothing special, but it's delicious! :D

Gerda Agatha van den Dool zei

found it by bloglovin :D
its cool!
are u surprised?

anyways, it looks cool, ur blog AND the desert ":D

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