LIVE GLITTER: Alexi Murdoch @ Tivoli Utrecht

Nostalgic songs, written by an English gentleman on some romantic wooden boat, somewhere - in Scotland. 

His performance on stage of Tivoli Utrecht, was kinda incognito. But his nostalgic sound unmasked the face behind. Alexi Murdoch, a British, cute, singersong writer. He seems to be a real gentleman, very modest and kind-hearted. Several times he thanks the crowd for showing up tonight. Well, "No thanks!", mr. Murdoch, "it is a pleasure to be here, seriously." Given the common silence and intention, every single person in the room would agreed to this. 

Although Alexi is born in London, raised in Greece and Scotland, studied in USA. This is where he still lives - parttime though. Other days he finds himself on a wooden sailing boat on the remote west coast of Scotland where he spends his days writing and working. Never been there, never seen it, but well, i guess this workplace explains the nostalgic style of his music. Logically lots of glitters found their origin on this special spot.

To date, Murdoch has released two proper recordings and one soundtrack! Nine of his songs where used for the movie, Away We Go. The nostalgic vibe of this movie totally fits his music. Some songs are played on several scenes in Grey's Anatomy or for the adventures of Lincoln's in Prison Break. All the songs by Alexi Murdoch are "homemade": all self-released on his Zero Summer Records label. That's how he roles. This dude deserves a tremendous applause.. And so he got, in Tivoli, at Utrecht. 

Check his website & myspace


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