LIVE GLITTER: Agnes Obel @ Vredenburg

The sound of this Danish lady - her piano, 
a cello and harp - takes one to a fantasy world, 
to chill at a riverside.  

This instant music room in Utrecht, is massive and very very sold out. 
Everybody came to see this Danish wonder woman. 
When she speaks, her modest accent betrays her Scandinavian roots. 
Agnes Obel and her two compagnions - Gillian Fleetwood @ harp & Anne-Christin Schwartz @ cello & guitar - play the stars from heaven. 
Her clear voice and the dreamy sound of the piano leads you to a riverside.
Suddenly you are sitting there with a butterfly on your shoulder,
a flower in your hair and green grass under your but. 
An hour later, I woke up. It is still the Vredenburg. 

Check her: WebsiteMySpace
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