The kickoff: Hitchhiking to Paris

Last friday I packed my bag. One hour later I closed the door behind me.
I was gonna hitchhike.
Destination Paris.
 Just me myself and i.
Too dangerous according to the people who I told about my impulsive plan.
Too cool, too adventorous, according to myself.
So I packed my red Eastpak. Painted PARIS SVP on a old piece of paper.
And there I went.. 

For some miraculous reason, there was this car, in my street, WITH A FRENCH sign.
He was gonna go to Lille. Soon. Now.
Three hours later, I was in Lille.
Three more hours, and two cars later, I was in Paris.
The city of art, music and love.

This was the kickoff for The Shiny Planet Project. Thanks to some super interesting, lovely people, I arrived at this shiny city of "glitters" full of stars. 

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I love this video& your amazing trip!

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