Space for newfound freedom

It has been a while but The Shiny Planet Project is back! Time for a new dose of glitters. Time for a new lay out. Time for some shine. 

Six guys from Brooklyn, form Spaces. Actually their mission pretty much fits the mission of The Shiny Planet Project. Their music is a "reflection of the beauty and wonders of the Universe" - with a capital U. A reflection of a dynamic Universe with an overwhelming rough landscape. Some high peaks, some wide valleys,  some volcanoes, some wild monkeys, some mocking birds. Their album is full of rhythmic movements and orchestral pieces. 
The best place in this dynamic Universe though is definitely wherever there are friends and family you love", according to Francisco Colon. "Also good music, good food, and a lot of smiles are very essential."

He and Duke were actually the "founders" of Spaces. They both aimed for a place to fully express themselves. Some free space maybe? Well so, Francisco and Duke shook hands and started writing their own songs. They found a new freedom.

The others Jake, Nathan, Ian and Jason came later. "They bring some fresh perspectives!", according to Francisco.  
Speaking of new perspectives. "Our society is science illiterate.", according to Francisco. "People don't understand the advances of science and as a result of that are either scared or just couldn't care less. People do not realize how much of our current day technology wouldn't exist without science. People are more concerned with the immediate smaller picture. It's scary when you talk to someone and they truly believe scientific discoveries are things you 
can choose to believe or not believe."
This mindset of people inspired Spaces while making the album Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void (2011).   As Francisco says it: We were inspired by the amazing discoveries of human beings who didn't understand the universe and strived to move forward towards knowing where we come from." 
The album is full of energy. It would be the perfect background music for being in a rocket which takes you to the galaxy atmosphere which is on their cover. These colorful masterpieces are made by Mark Malazarte. 

"Get over yourselves!", says Francisco. If you ask him, "The world would be a much better place is humans weren't always so damn self-important. Our species could use a little humility."

Check out their BANDCAMP / FACEBOOK 
About that Facebook page: Spaces is gonna give their album away to every 10th person who likes our page. Spread the word!

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