Extraordinary movie @ extraordinary location

Well, Filmlovers might be happy! The International Film Festival in Rotterdam is going on. A whole week enjoying movies and stuff. How sweet. It is the 41st on line! IFF is writing history. 
Well and a couple 100 years ago - 1780 - there was a guy named John Jameson. He is the creator of some legendary liquid, Jameson Irish Whiskey. His hometown was Dublin, the center of the whiskey-world. John was a good guy, who took good care of his employees. 
Those two legends, the International Film Festival AND John Jameson are the source of another legend-to-be; The Jameson Film Experience. During the IFF the Jameson Film Experience shows 'extraordinary films on extraordinary locations'. That must be extraordinary sweet. 
The film they will show is called The Hunter. It is about Martin. Martin is is going on expedition on behalf of some kinda mysterious bio-tech-company. He is going a hunt for the last Tasmanian tiger. Seems to be a pleasure itself to see the movie, seen the cool nature shots of Tasmania.
So; the climax of the story: there is an epic movie, on an epic location, arranged by these names, served with legendary whiskey. Picture perfect. 
Wanne ba ithere? You should check their facebook page

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