Illustrations that challenge your fantasy

The work of this artists leaves so much over to the imagination. All the white space on the paper challenges your fantasy. Johan Gustavsson is the name behind these simplistic coolness. He was born in Sweden, 34 years ago. He is kind of an globetrotter, he did his art school here and another year in Finland. After these years he left Scandinavia, destination The Hague, The Royal Academy. 
Although it is not seen in his work, this illustrator is font of ugliness. He told VICE about the importance of ugliness in his work. His extraordinary theory is inspired by a quote of a Swedish professor. It is about the energy and beauty of broken and dirty stuff. He takes the example of a broken coffee cup and how cool this broken cup is compared to his clean and perfect companions. 

Johan's work is on the walls of Liefhertje en De Heer at The Hague at the moment. It will be there until next friday / 2012, 20 January. So hurry up!

Q: Who/what has been your motivation to “shine”?
A: "I think one thing leads to an other. So, probably my parents giving me pens and paper. Got compliments from friends and teachers in elementary school.. And I guess so on."

Q:Which particular mess on this planet would you like to get rid of?
A: "Oooh, soooo much mess! What to choose? The global extreme right wing up-rice would be a good start. And I really hope they we find a free energy source soon."
Q: What is the best place on earth?
A: "My summer house on the beautiful island Ă…land in Finland."

Q: What makes you happy?My faith, my family and beloved ones. 
A: "Love."

Q: If you had a megaphone with a world-wide reach, what would be
A: "I don’t think I would want to send my message to the whole world."


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