LIVE GLITTER: Streetart by Louise Both @ Perron026, Arnhem

Take a good look on your right when you enter Arnhem trainstation. 
There is a massive Indian horse on warpath, and it says "hi". 
She has never ever done this before but this is definitely a good piece of street art. And the result is probably not dedicated to the paint she uses from discount store Action.
Louise Both is working on a massive painting, a horse, an Indian horse, on warpath. It is standing besides a totem pole. This streetart  is a call for some brave warriors to prepare their talents and join the creative scene of Arnhem.

Louise is working on this for a 5 days now. The plan is to finish it in two more weeks. Unfortunately will this three weeks of painting not last forever. It is made on the building of Perron026. This old trainstation is now a breeding ground for creative minds. The previous ticketcounter, kiosks and other shops are transformed into nine workshops. Designers, painters and other artists work, exhibit and sell their stuff here in the next few months.

There will be a day that the building will be broken down.. With the horse and the totem pole.
That day, the horse will go back into the wild to find some more warriors..


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Paul de Bruijn zei

Toppie Louise! Weer iets moois om naar te kijken in Arnhem. Jammer dat het gebouw tijdelijk is. Maar ach, aren't we all?

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