LIVE EVENT: Snoeiharde shit

Last friday night, there was some serious dancing in Utrecht. Snoeiharde* shit - has been promised by the organization. And so we got. An oldschool distrubtion center - named Vechtclub, a few km out of the center - was the perfect location. Dubstep, house and electro sounds banged through the concrete room. DJ Ed Paris from Leipzig (GE) and local dj Screaming Soundsystem trew some "snoeiharde shit". Dreamy visuals by Skinfiltr8r were the finishing touch.

* snoeihard = Dutch word for something like: "
disproportionate hard"

This "snoerdharde" shit.. 

.. made the crowd move "snoeihard"..

Gotta beat that beat.  

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Take a breath, put on some lipstick, dancingshoes, whatever.. 

.. for some more "Snoeiharde Shit!" 
making an animated gif

Some social scenes outdoor.. 

Well - and even some "snoeiharde" shadow dancing..
crop image

More pictures will be online soon @


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